Mink Lash Trays. Our Mink Lashes have been upgraded! Soft Mink Lashes, made from premium quality synthetic mink, are the softest lashes available and offer clients an incredibly comfortable and beautiful lash style. These versatile lashes are suitable for both Classic and Express application techniques and are easy to use. Available in single length trays with 12 lines, in 0.15 and 0.20 thicknesses in B, C and D curls. Also available in 12 line mixed length trays in B, C, CC, D and L Curls in various thicknesses.
Please note, packaging may vary.


How to Use:
C curl lashes in 12mm, 0.15mm give a glamourous open eye effect. Individual eyelash extensions supplied on a strip in trays. Made from the best quality fibre to maintain their shape. Crush-proof with a soft texture. For Classic lash extensions.