Reusable Silicone Pads – White – 1 pair

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1 x pair of reusable under eye silicone pads perfect to protect the delicate under eye area during all lash treatments, including lash lift, tinting and lash extensions. These pads are self-adhesive and anti-slip so you can perform your treatment without worrying about adjustments.

These sanitisable, flexible, soft pads are extremely flexible, meaning you can adjust to make your client as comfortable as can be. Suitable for all skin types.

These pads are easy to clean, just sanitise with barbicide.

How to Use
Remove pads from the pouch.
Apply on top of the lower lashes to protect them and the under-eye area. If tinting, apply under the lower lashes.
Always ensure the placement of the pad is comfortable for the client.
Once treatment is complete, gently remove and clean.
After each application, the pads should be sanitised with barbicide. After sanitisation, they are immediately ready for reuse. They can then be stored in the resealable plastic pouch.