DesignEx Pro™ Medium Coffin Tips

DesignEx Pro™ Medium Coffin Tips

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Featuring crisp, squared, tapered edges, the DesignEx Pro™ Medium Coffin Tips are the perfect option for an iconic mani in no time.

Our cutting-edge tips are sculpted from a brand new, durable polymer with high tensile strength, minimising splitting or cracks whilst remaining quick and easy to soak off with acetone and lasting up to 4+ weeks. These hard-wearing extensions flex with the natural nail for ultimate comfort.

Coffin tips are available in 12 sizes.
Medium length.
Each box contains 600 tips.
Pre-buffed tips save time during application and eliminate the need for an e-file.
All DesignEx Pro™ tips are available in a range of sizes for every client
Up to 4+ weeks of wear.
Tips have a natural perfected apex.
DesignEx Pro™ Tips flex with the natural nail for ultimate comfort.
Easily infill each set once with All-in-One BIAB™
New gen polymer formula has a very high tensile strength to eliminate splitting and cracking.
Removal couldn’t be simpler, with an effortless soak-off that leaves minimal residue.


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